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Prostate Cancer:

   Doctors diagnosed a 53-year-old east Tennessee man as having  prostate cancer and gave him a short time to live. A blood test in March, 1993 showed his blood-cancer-count to be 40 (out of range).
   About June, 1993 he started taking "AEROBIC OXYGEN." Over a period of five  days, he gradually increased his "AEROBIC OXYGEN" from ten drops morning and night (in a 6-8 ounce glass of water) to 20 drops, five times a day in a glass of water.
   His condition showed significant  improvement and his next blood test in July, showed his cancer count had dropped to 0.01 (in the in range).


   A 49-year-old North Carolina man had lymphoma. His spleen was five times  larger than normal and his liver was greatly enlarged. His doctor commenced chemotherapy treatment but said he wouldn't live to see his 50th birthday.
   A friend spoke to him about "AEROBIC OXYGEN" and he began  taking it regularly. He said he immediately felt better and had far more energy. He gradually increased his "AEROBIC OXYGEN" to 20 drops in a glass of water, five times a day.
   After his next scheduled  chemotherapy treatment, the doctor noticed that his white corpuscle count was normal. Previously, the doctor had to give him an injection to boost his white corpuscle count after each dose of chemotherapy.
   Within three months of taking "AEROBIC OXYGEN", all his organs had returned to normal and his doctor reported no trace of cancer in his body.

Bladder Infection & Candida:

   At the first sign of candida, a Nashville,  Tennessee woman began taking "AEROBIC OXYGEN". Within three weeks of taking 20 drops, three times a day, in a glass of water, all the symptoms disappeared and have not returned. She also uses the same dosage of  "AEROBIC OXYGEN" whenever she suffers bladder infections. She reports, within 24 hours of taking the product all symptoms disappear.



The following conditions reportedly responded favorably to Oxygen therapies:

Multiple Sclerosis / Asthma / emphysema / Epstein Barr Virus / Pnumonia / Hepatitis / Various Cancers / AIDS and other immune deficiency diseases / Herpes / Arthritis / Malaria / Parkinson's Disease / Alzheimer's / Alcoholism /  Leukemia / Lupus / Kidney infections and diseases / Varicose Veins / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Pulmonary Disease / Influenza / Eczema.


"AEROBIC OXYGEN" heals nothing itself. It helps raise the  oxygen level in the bloodstream to the point where the body can do what GOD has designed it to do - keep itself healthy and heal itself.

FDA Required Disclaimers:

"Information given here is for research and  educational purposes only and is NOT intended to prescribe treatment."

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